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Friday, 14 September, 2018
Seahorse Custom Made Patches (Ashcamp) The Seahorse Custom Made Patches show a seahorse to us. The hippocampus is a small marine animal
that is 5-30 cm long. Named for the bending of the head and the near right angle of the body. The
hippocampus is slow, but it can efficiently capture copepods...
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Wednesday, 22 August, 2018
I Love Cats Custom Made Patches (Ashcamp) The I Love Cats Custom Made Patches is diameter in 2 inches, with 50% embroidery. It is a gift of
love. You can customize the special gift for your lover, Cats can be other things, like names and
pet name. The Custom Made Patches will become a trend. Su...
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Monday, 30 July, 2018
BATMAN Custom Embroidered Patches (Ashcamp) When see the BATMAN Custom Embroidered Patches, we all think of the super hero in anime novels.
Everyone has a Batman in mind. This is why Batman is so popular. Why don't you seize this
opportunity and make a appreciable profit? We are always here to supp...
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Thursday, 26 July, 2018
Ancient Poetry Embroidered Patches (Ashcamp) Are you interested in Chinese ancient poetry? There are many wonderful ancient poems in China.
Ancient Poetry Embroidered Patches can be your small gifts. You also can use it on your backpack. It
is a completely different beautiful landscape. We are co...
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